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Our team

35+ OKT team Members

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our 2021 results

171 trainings @ 14+ tracks
102 races, 17 podiums,
400+ kart hours,
50.000€+ budget spent

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Next level karting

Our story

Est. February 2019



OKT is different than other racing teams consisting of a few fixed drivers/team members. We are changing that! We describe ourselves as a ‘sports club for karting’ – a unique and original concept not seen before. 

It all started by Wesley, our initial founder father, scouting some race enthusiasts… friends, colleagues, simulation game racers and amateur kart drivers – getting together for fun. Not long after the group was brought to a next level by Micha, posting some (read: a lot of) video’s on YouTube creating a lot of awareness, and officially founding the OKT-Racing association and the international brand. Now we are a (semi-)professional racing team having 35+ members, and even more OKT-Friends!

We are serious about going for the win and bringing amateur and semi-professional karting to the next level. We do this by training together, coaching each other, organizing races and, of course, having fun! 

Wanna join us?

challenge yourself.
take it to the next level.