Jan Stevens

"The helmet hides feelings that cannot be understood"

Jan Stevens Profile 2020



21 (2001)


Dutch (NL)

First kart experience

Spontaneously decided to go karting in Swalmen with one of my mates

Started karting regular since

I would say regularly since about a year or 2 (2018) but limited to mostly one track. And I have had a more serious approach for about a year now

Scariest moment on track

Braking too late in the wet and binning it into the fences

working point as a driver

Making less unnecessary mistakes and getting better at one lap qualifying

What does OKT-Racing look like in 3 years

As of writing this I have just joined the OKT-Racing team and I aspire for the team to become a big name in the European scene amassing many more members diversifying the driver line up


Preferred driver number


Favorite track(s)

Berghem (NL), Spa (BE), Genk (BE), Mariembourg (BE), Dolhain (BE), Dinokart (POR)

Favorite driver(s)

Kimi Räikkönen, Lando Norris, Carlos Sainz


Indoor 90%
Endurance 95%
4 stroke rental karts 90%
Outdoor 95%
E-karts 90%
Wet races 80%
2 stroke competition karts 40%
Shifter karts 0%


Tracks raced


Hours driving experience


The Netherlands (NL): 

Swalmen (indoor)

Echt (indoor)

Coronel (indoor)

Karting Walibi Holland (outdoor)

Icekart Rucphen (indoor)

Venray (outdoor)

Vaals (outdoor)

Nijmegen (indoor)

Veenendaal (indoor)

Apeldoorn (indoor)

Germany (DE):

Schumacher (indoor, outdoor)

Essen (indoor)

Karting Weeze (indoor)

Karting Niederkrüchten (outdoor)

Belgium (BE):

Spa (outdoor)

Bilzen (indoor, partial outdoor)

Eupen (indoor)

Liege (indoor)

Wavre (indoor)

Genk (outdoor)

Hasselt (indoor)

Herselt (indoor)

Berghem (outdoor)

Dolhain (indoor)

Mariembourg (outdoor)

France (FR):

Karting Gaillou (outdoor)

Karting Argelès (outdoor)

Spain (ES):

Karting Blanes (outdoor)

Portugal (PT):

Dinokart (outdoor)


3h Swalmen

3h Essen

2h Venray

GP Eupen FK BE 2020

GP Liege FK BE 2020

Wavre FK 2020

Swalmen FK 2020

100 miles Genk 2020

500 laps Herselt 2020

2h Berghem 2020


FK BE 2020