Laurens Balcaen

Go kart or go home

Join us - Laurens



33 (1989)


Belgian (BE)

First kart experience

August 2018 @ JPR, Sint Niklaas (BE)

Started karting regular since

I started karting for the first time in August 2018 at JPR in Sint-Niklaas. Then I decided with fellow OKT-member Bart to go karting every month at Hasselt.

Scariest moment on track

When I drove a DD2 shifter kart for the first time this summer in 2019 at the FIA-CIK track in Genk, my kart's engine shut off when I was coming up on the first corner there.
The speed was approximately 110 km/h when the downshift when wrong, the kart shut off and I went straight through the grass run-off area, sliding on the next part of the track again and then stopping in the grass there. REALLY NASTY!

working point as a driver

• building up more physique to be able to race at endurance races more easily without being KO afterwards and to be fitter in general
• being less nervous (mentally more prepared)
• altering my driving technique a bit for even smoother driving and to get faster times
• more consistency

What does OKT-Racing look like in 3 years

• More amazing members
• Being the best team in every race we participate in


Preferred driver number


Favorite track

Outdoor: Karting Genk (BE) / Indoor: Experience Factory Eupen (BE), Wavre Indoor Karting (BE), WorldKarts Kortrijk (BE)

Favorite driver(s)

Charles Leclerc, Stoffel Vandoorne


Indoor 85%
Endurance 85%
4 stroke rental karts 85%
Outdoor 70%
E-karts 60%
Wet races 40%
2 stroke competition karts 30%
Shifter karts 30%


Tracks raced


Hours driving experience


Belgium (BE):

Genk (outdoor)

Sint Niklaas (indoor)

Herselt (indoor)

Eupen (indoor)

Bilzen (indoor)

Kortrijk (indoor)

Hasselt (indoor)

Wavre (indoor, e-karts)


Genk 100 miles endurance races (2019)