Micha Verboeket

Pushing the team forward, by showing how it's done 🙂
Winning requires doing different things & things differently
compared to the rest!




34 (1987)


Dutch (NL)

Kart owner

CRG Rotax Max Senior Evo

First kart experience

1998, 11 years old @ Swalmen (NL)

Started karting regular since

2016 @ Fun track Karting Genk (BE)

Scariest moment on track

Seeing Wesley flying out of his kart when we first raced together, talking about starting OKT.
Everything worked out in the end... 🙂

working point as a driver

Pushing my pace & consistency limits by continuously driving against better competitors at increasingly higher levels

What does OKT-Racing look like in 3 years

Continuing to be the leading 'new concept' Karting-sportsclub in the area. Setting the example for other driving teams, combining ambition, fun and performance.


Preferred driver number


Favorite track(s)

Outdoor: Karting Genk (BE),
Indoor: Karting Eupen (BE)

Favorite driver(s)

Max Verstappen


Indoor 95%
Endurance 95%
4 stroke rental karts 95%
Outdoor 85%
E-karts 65%
Wet races 85%
2 stroke competition karts 70%
Shifter karts 40%


Tracks raced


Hours driving experience


The Netherlands (NL): 

Swalmen (indoor)
Echt (indoor)
Kerkrade (indoor, e-karts)
Lemiers (indoor, e-karts)
Roosendaal (indoor)
Berghem (outdoor)

Belgium (BE):

Genk (outdoor)
Spa (outdoor)
Zolder (outdoor / Totaalplan Racing)
Bilzen (indoor, partial outdoor)
Eupen (indoor)
Wavre (indoor, e-karts)
Herselt (indoor)
Mol (indoor)
Lommel (indoor)
Hasselt (indoor)
Maasmechelen (indoor)
Dolhain (indoor)


Zolder – C1 (BE)
Mettet – C1 (BE)


24H Le Mans (2020–>delayed to 2021->2022)
15H Dolhain (2022)
24H Endurance Race Spa Francorchamps (One Day Karting) (2021)
15H Endurance Race Spa Francorchamps (2021)
(p2) 10H Endurance Race Karting Genk (2021)
6H Endurance Race Karting Genk (2020-2021)
(p3 daydriver) FKBE Formula Karting Belgium Eupen (2021)
3H Endurance Race Eupen (The First Race) (2021)
4H Endurance Race Circuit Zolder (Totaalplan Racing)
(solo) Genk 100 miles endurance races (2018-2021)
500 Laps Herselt (2020)
Verhoeven Goes Eupen III (2019)
Visa & Versa Pairs Race Bilzen (by Furious Motorsport) (2019)
3H Easter Endurance Race Bilzen (2019)


FKBE Formula Karting Belgium (day driver) (2022)
FKBE Formula Karting Belgium (day driver) (2021)
OKT Club Championship (2022) 😉