Robby Deryckere

“Sometimes I pretend to be normal, but it gets boring.
So, I go back to being me.”

Robby Deryckere



25 (1997)


Belgian (BE)

Kart owner

Rotax 125cc Senior Max,
Gillard TG16 chassis

First kart experience

2010 @ Inkart, Puurs (BE)

Started karting regular since

Started karting more often since early 2017 when I became a marshal at a karting track in Dublin

Scariest moment on track

When a guy flipped his kart and landed on his head right in front of me.
Luckily, the guy was “okay”.

working point as a driver

* Adapting to new tracks faster so I don’t need “100” laps just to get a decent & consistent lap time.
* Adapting to bad karts better. I struggle way too much with getting the most out of a bad kart.
* My confidence. As I never consider myself good enough and am always afraid to be the one that slows the team down.
* I need to stop looking behind me when racing.

What does OKT-Racing look like in 3 years

A great group of people that have fun together while helping each other improve and eventually become one of the best and biggest teams in (rental) karting.


Preferred driver number


Favorite track(s)

Outdoor: Karting Genk (BE), Rättvik (SE), Whiteriver Park (IE)
Indoor: Inkart (BE)

Favorite driver(s)

Max Verstappen, Lando Norris


Indoor 50%
Endurance 65%
4 stroke rental karts 65%
Outdoor 65%
E-karts 45%
Wet races 45%
2 stroke competition karts 40%
Shifter karts 0%


Tracks raced


Hours driving experience


Belgium (BE)

Karting Genk (outdoor)
Inkart (indoor, partial outdoor)
Fastlane Karting Bilzen (indoor)
JPR Karting (indoor)
FKI (indoor, partial outdoor)
Cargo Karting (indoor)
Brussels Kart (indoor)
Francorchamps Karting (outdoor)

Sweden (SE)

Gokart i Rättvik (outdoor)
Gokartarena Dalarna (indoor)
Nöjeshallen (indoor)

The Netherlands (NL)

Circuit Park Berghem (outdoor)
Kartbaan Oldenzaal (outdoor)

Ireland (IE)

Kart City Raceway (outdoor)
Kylemore Karting (indoor)
Whiteriver Park (outdoor)

Germany (DE)

Kart-O-Mania (indoor)

Cyprus (CY)

Paphos Karting (outdoor)

United States of America (USA)

Octane Raceway (indoor)

Egypt (EG)

AutoVrooom (outdoor)


100 Miles Endurance Races Karting Genk (2021)
6H Endurance Race Karting Genk (2021)
4H Endurance Circuit Park Berghem (2021)
10H Endurance Race Karting Genk (2021)
15H Endurance Race Francorchamps Karting (2021)
12H Endurance Race Kartbaan Oldenzaal (2021)


None (yet)